NHS Coaching

Are you a medical professional who is preparing to take your career experience to the next level?

Working with you our NHS Nursing Sister will provide professional support that you are looking for to help you om a variety of situations from exam preparation, support in writing essays and preparing for that all important job interview.  This help is especially for nursing students, qualified nurses and paramedics.


Package One:- Pimp Your Essay

Providing grass roots support we will work with you to;

  • Assess your needs based on your experience
  • Discuss & understand your training style
  • Tailor training that helps you learn what you need to confidently write essays.
  • We will work with you to better understand the topic you are writing the essay about.
  • Show you how to plan & structure a great essay using tried and tested methods.
  • Using modern methodologies we will help you understand ways to research journals, and much needed references in current articles, ensuring study is appropriate to the level of study.
  • Assess questions
  • Provide critique of pre-submission work and check referencing, and provide feedback
  • One hours telephone support outside of training.



Package Two:- Career Progression Training

Are you feeling frustrated at work and need a new challenge? Do you feel you are ready to be promoted but don’t know how to improve your chances against the competition?

Let us help you to rise to the challenge with our structured interview packages that you can adapt to your needs and your funds taking one or both packages at a discount.


(a) Interview Preparation Package (requires some self directed study)

  • Using popular questions asked during interviews we will test your knowledge
  • Provide answers and guidance to answering popular interview questions
  • Provide role play and scenario settings and support


(b) Interview Technique Package  

  • Anxiety and confidence coaching
  • Help you dress for confidence
  • Review and assessment of current CV
  • Provide template appropriate to level being sought & help to adapt it
  • Post interview debrief with two of our team one of which will be a medical professional.

Moving Forward Together
We Can

Help you gain focus on the things that matter to you and set achievable goals moving at a pace that you feel happy with such as……


• Discovering your purpose and how to live it.
• Identifying, planning and starting a business you always wanted.
• Building confidence and courage.
• Improving performance and productivity.
• Redesigning your career.
• Overcoming anxiety, fears and phobias.
• Gaining a better work-life balance.
• Achieving measurable results.
• Reducing stress, learning to enjoy a life you love.

The Coaching People are here to help you in Moving Forward Together. Choose us to help you to unlock the potential within you and to take you, your business, and your relationships to the next level.

Helping you feel